this weekend.


The Version Festival User-Directed Super Raffle and V-Bay Buy-it-Now Art Auction!

Friday April 17, 2009 7pm to midnight raffle-ticket-r
Country Club 
1100 N. Damen Ave 
Chicago, IL 60622

make a donation at the door and get tickets. 5$ for 2 tickets, and 10$ for 5. just put a ticket in the “jar” in front of the piece and enter to win. 

raffle @ 11:30. here is a list of artists. and some pics of the pieces.




@ ohno doom saturday. The Everyday Club takes over OhNo!Doom with an evening of artworks, music and fuuun. Over & Out is no show, it’s an experience of pure, stimulating stupor.Like what you may ask? Well you’ll have to come and find out for yourself!




The Orange Alert Reading Series @ The Whistler April 19th: april
PF Potvin
Kyle Beachy
Kristi Maxwell
Michael Rerick
Lesley Jenike


Bite. A collection of letterpress work ranging from event posters to minimalist art.

The Family Room 
Sunday, April 19th thumbnail_bite_blog

1821 W Hubbard, #202

brought to you by the post family.




and if you happen to live in champaign ill. the boneyard arts festival is this weekend. always good.



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