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just in case your not up to date on Saros “The World Record Postal Combo Project”. Saro is up to 611 postal stickers. he is looking for over 1,000 for the record. thats a lot by the way. 

“bringing together all street artists from around the globe to show diversity, artistic vision, and coming together to form the worlds largest themed sticker combo to chicago. To keep the theme of the combo, im asking all participants to send in their best work ( whether it be painted, printed, drawn, or stenciled) on a USPS postal label. 

In addition to the world record combo, there will be photo documentation of the preperation, process, and finial out come of the project. These photos will include close ups up several artists stickers at once printed in lage format and eventually make it to a local chicago gallery and possibly in a bound book.”



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