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seven and a half questions, with brooks golden.


Brooks Golden is a chicago based artist. who, through painting, drawing, ect, is continually  exploring the connecting aspects of american, asian, and african cultures. he is very active in the chicago arts scene. 

” Specifically, I am exploring our distinct American footprint by using a combination of folk,tribal-based and other visual symbolism to make idealistic parallels and promote a sense of humor and allegory in my work. ” -from website.


1. besides the long winter, hot summer, bad transit, highest sales tax anywhere, and a crazy mayor, why chicago?

…Well, Chicago was like Oz to me, Im originally born and raised in “Beer City” Milwaukee Wisconsin, this Chicago has everything i want in a city, that means the good and the bad.


2. what is it about art that first drew you to it?

…as far back as i can remember it was something Ive done, and I always was given a ton of positive feedback from my school and family.


3. what’s for breakfast?

…Pancakes for special Sunday mornings, but usually its 3 over medium eggs and hashbrown…I love a good egg.


4. who has been the biggest influence in your work?

…My influences are pretty far reaching, I am hugely influenced by a couple artist, Goya, Pushead and Antck to name a few


5. what do you do to get out of a creative slump?

…I read a buncha new agey self help books, all filled with posi-life affirmming stuffs…my favorite quote on the subject    “the greatest composer does not sit down to work because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he is working,”- Ernest Newman



6. whats your favorite non-art related book?

…The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz…changed my life.


7. how does one “be golden” 

..Well, you basically have to see the cup as half full…and it also comes directly from the name

Brooks B Golden…so…Be Golden!


8. do you have any thing coming up youd like to promo?

http;// for all the latest shows and live art events

2454875161_81b8a8873cthanks brooks, we will…………




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