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snacki answers some questions.


a few months ago i was perusing flicker and found snacki. my first reaction was a funny one, he uses the phrase snack attack a lot, my old roomates nickname. so i checked out the rest of his stuff. snacki has a great style. his characters look like they were drawn in one stroke, brush or pen never leaving the page. his work with trees has a very simple storybook feel to them. and the buildings, in a way remind me of W.Willis. good stuff. 


1. besides the long winter, hot summer, bad transit, highest sales tax anywhere, and a crazy mayor, why chicago?

i thought maybe the pizza, but i’m not sure i’ve figured it out yet.

2. what is it about street art that first drew you to it?

making art and being outside. this i thought, is an awesome combination.

3. what’s for breakfast?



4. who has been the biggest influence in your work/life?

friends and all the stuff i see around the city daily

5. what do you do to get out of a creative slump?

listen to andre nickatina


6. favorite non-art related book?

 i should read more..

7. where do you go to relax?

 anywhere where people are rolling around on skateboards


8. what do you think of the graff laws/ graff busters here in chi?

nothing usually



One thought on “snacki answers some questions.

  1. i would love, love, love to buy some of snacki’s artwork but can’t find any contact info for him. can you please, please, please forward my email info?

    thank you, thank you, thank you.


    Posted by Linda | September 1, 2009, 10:29 am

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