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flicker find

some nice colorful photos from R&Yroger’s photo set on flicker.  not that its new stuff by the artists. just good photos.  melt blutt Y.A.B sticker thief tag.   caio, Advertisements

r.i.p jay bennett

this is not visual art related. but a great musician died in his urbana home sunday. jay bennett was a multi-instrumentalist in wilco for years. being there, summerteeth, yankee hotel foxtrot, he was a big part of thoes records. and a nice guy, i had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him once. and … Continue reading

who doesn’t like free stuff?

the new modern wing.  beautiful architecture, some nice art, some stuff they moved from the main building, and 3 floors of maze. but sadly i cannot properly say anything about the place because it was the last day of a week of free admission. and you know what free means. EVERYONE goes, even people who … Continue reading

questions with Ryan p Young.

  Ryan is new to chicago, and im happy to have come across him. he has a good eye for composition and the talent to back it up. not to mention he try’s to use as many different mediums as possible. and anyone who likes the toadies is a ok in my book.   

this weekend.

its my lovely lady’s birthday, so im cutten this short. due to a modern wing afternoon. im sure ill have a few words to share on this later.  meanwhile, in non-birthday land.  friday. public domain @ cafe wha who. Featuring custom painted skateboard decks and new works by:  Jason Brammer Steve Amos Dammarah Karmecki Revise … Continue reading

look around for some new rejoice pieces.

coming to chicago streets very soon. i love rejoice’s style. big, round, one color heads. with tiny detailed eyes/mouth. now with hair. its always nice to see some new stuff from him. more about "look around for some new rejoice piec…", posted with vodpod

“…prepare to die”

was just on the new sticky bandits blog. check it out. interviews, and so on. the sticker community is a huge and impressive thing.  but i saw this and just wanted to share it because it makes me so very happy. its a great use for a bunch of “hello my name is” stickers.   

tonight, show and tell.

tonight at the whistler in logan square. the show and tell show. tonight featuring Jay Ryan, Front 40 Press, and Eye Rocket Books. it should be a fun and informative time.

veng and brokencrow in nyc.

this weekend.

friday.  not a lot of info on this one. but there will be an opening @ swim cafe tonight. from 6-10. a graffiti show. thats all i got. but check it out. the shows @ swim are always good.    if your in new york. your not. but anyway. at ad hoc art in brooklyn. … Continue reading