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Jason Brammer preview. “into the after”


close up of new piece.

into the after is about…well…the after. A place large open and expansive, full of mystical places, ferris wheels, and running water. everyone needs water, even after moving on. this new set of work by jason is, like his past work, detailed, well thought out, and consistent. here if a few pics of stuff for the show this weekend and of his studio.


img_0213for this show. seeing that we are in a “recession” he has made some smaller pieces to sell a little cheeper. he will have some pieces on paper that look great. with the illusion of having a fold in the paper. 

img_0219a shot of his studio. paint all over the walls. its hard to tell where wort starts some times. 

img_0216time machine parts. pullys, levers, wheels, saddles.

img_0220another piece at the bottom. a very mid-west feel to a lot of this shows work. flat lands, phone line polls. very nice.


the show will be great. come out and see jason paint live. a very humbling experience even for someone who dose not paint. hope to see you this weekend.



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