first, a new mural from Herbert Baglione.

casamericana copy

-yesterday wooster (marc and sarah), representing all of us went to the white house to meet with the higher-ups along with about 60 other grassroots arts organizations to talk about arts and public spaces. just click the link to read what marc has to say about it. i happen to think its a positive step. 

“On Monday, when we told a friend that we were heading down to Washington to participate in these meetings, he said – “That’s what I voted for!”


swoon-swoon and pals set sail on the Adriatic Sea today. this is a great idea/project help support them if you wish. check out swimming cities for more info. 

-upset is having another going postal show. heres the info. 

“Going Postal’s Revenge! In two weeks we are going to have another postal sticker show in Chicago to make up for the one that got swallowed up by all the Martha Cooper Subway art craziness, bring or send your labels for buy, sell and trade, we are also now helping to collect labels for The world record postal sticker combo. we are looking for one postal label from several different artist to participate in this record reaching event. Also looking for 8 X 10 artwork to show at the show. If you are interested in submitting labels, work or for general info please contact us at”

-nos obras otros is a blog that was brought to my attention yesterday. a group of artists and writers from around the country. good stuff, check it out. 

-a short story by chi author joe meno. read his stuff. and illustrated by Raquel Aparicio. found on booooom. joe is a part of a show im working on for the fall. ill post some stuff about it soon. and raquel’s work is great.

-pilcrow lit fest starts sunday and goes through the 23rd. founder/director/chi author amy guth is behind it.  lost of literary goodness.



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