lurking, openings/shows

who doesn’t like free stuff?

the new modern wing. 


beautiful architecture, some nice art, some stuff they moved from the main building, and 3 floors of maze. but sadly i cannot properly say anything about the place because it was the last day of a week of free admission. and you know what free means. EVERYONE goes, even people who hate art, they just like free things. i spent most of my time dodging art students talking nonsense, and older people who dont care who is in there way, they just walk. so instead of a review of the building i just thought id share some quotes from hunter s. thompsons’ work “the kentucky derby is decadent and depraved”. because this is how  feel. ill go back and write more on the building later.

“Just pretend you’re visiting a huge outdoor loony bin,” I said. “If the inmates get out of control we’ll soak them down with Mace.”

“This is Middle America. These people regard what you’re doing to them as a brutal, bilious insult.”

“Such horrible things occurred that I can’t bring myself even to think about them now, much less put them down in print. I was lucky to get out at all.”

“Emerging from the tunnel was such a culture shock that it took us a while to adjust. “God almighty!”



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