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this weekend.

two things i will actually have the energy to go to now that im funemployed.  tonight @ ohno doom.  “monsters, mayhem, and DOOM!” works by jason chalker.  6-10pm 2955 West Lyndale St. Chicago, IL   and most of the day tomorrow. at the hideout. the dollar store show’s summer tour bbq kickoff…sendoff…readoff…thing. a lot of … Continue reading

rip Michael

this is how i will remember. im sure there will be a lot of jokes. but i want to show some respect. he WAS the king of pop.


this starts in like 2 hours. but still…..its a good cause. and shoes by saro….sick. Thursday, June 25, 2009 4:00pm – 9:00pm AKIRA Bucktown Footwear 1849 W. North Avenue Chicago, IL Join us for a good cause, and a good time! It’s a PAINTING Party…get your TOMS shoes customized by local artist SARO…or do it … Continue reading


so today i started something i have been on the fence about. and hopefully to keep with what i said last week about not making this site self-indulgent.  i still started a twitter account. yay… but still. whatever.  so if your inclined follow the pod on another interweb thing. go here. and the only pic i … Continue reading

A1one, getting up in tehran.

looking around and reading news about the situation in iran this morning, i came across a street artist in tehran, named A1one. All of the pics here were taken on the 18th. and just now BBC radio is talking about the use of tear gas, and more violence towards protesters in tehran. its a scary … Continue reading

questions with thor.

             its been a while sense i posted an interview. so heres a good one. with Mr. thor……  Mr. thor, is a family man, lives in a farmhouse, keeps chickens. and is also a graffiti/mural/installation artist. who’s busy life leaves little time for silly interviews. so, for that i must … Continue reading

r.i.p. solve, one year.

one year ago this week, june 14th, was the night Brendan Scanlon a.k.a solve was murdered in the logan square area for no reason at all. he was 24 years old, and from what iv heard just about the nicest guy one could ever meet. hearing a few stories about him, and seeing the the response … Continue reading

Owlex, always honest.

owlex is a comic by chicago artist Emi Gennis. In the recent past Emi has been through something many of us have. a close friends suicide. And its not an easy thing to live with. at the urging of friends and others owlex was created, as a way to deal with the grief. “but since … Continue reading

little changes.

I have recently decided to change the way i do things here on the site. As much as i love posting random photos and giving you links to other random photos. and telling you about stuff thats happening, that i rarely make it out to myself for one reason or another. It feels like all … Continue reading

a new obsession.

right now im loving the stuff by revs. a new york graffiti/street artist. he’s been getting up sense the 90’s so i feel like im a little behind. he has a very interesting story and history, name change, arrest, hiatus, and a new mission that started in 2003ish. check out this photo set.