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so as promised. some questions with bonus. 


where did the idea for the “bonus” character come from?

I just started doodling and the bonuses are the evolution of that one character. They turned out better than expected 🙂


how did you get into the street art scene?

I’m a photographer by trade. I moved to Chicago, and there was all these cool tags, pieces, and street art. I’ve always drawn and painted, so it was kind of a natural move after viewing it.

we’ve seen bonus hang out with animals, and bonus versions of historical mass murder and death. whats next for bonus?

Bonuses getting caught doing the no-no in the woods. Seriously maybe. hahaha!


on to I.Y.T.I, how did the idea for a free art event evolve in your mind?

I found this really cool group on call Free Art Friday. After participating, I thought it would be really cool to have a bunch of people’s stuff in one place. Not necessarily in the same fashion as tags on a door, or a bunch of stickers on a news box, but it’s own street gallery presentation. After throwing ideas out on a discussion board and brainstorming with it’s founder MyDogSighs (amongst others that threw out ideas) We decided the first “event” would take place around the same weekend ( -ish as it turned out) in 4 different places around the world. Since then it’s kind of followed that model.


How did this spread to be an event in places like Tel Aviv, Singapore, and Belfast?

Please see above statement 🙂

What so far has been your favorite/most memorable part of IYTI?

Taking pictures and interacting with the public and the art. That’s the most gratifying to me. And lying to people when they ask about the bonuses, telling them I’ll send their thanks to the artist. It gives me a little tickle!



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