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tonight, ironically, the doom is a-okay.

with a love for all things visual,  and the understanding that sometimes we DO “need each other”. ohno doom  and the a.okay crew have teamed up. after the closing of the aokay store and gallery late last month, due to what seems as an unstable landlord. the guys @ ohno, agreed to host Patrick ma‘s show “do you feel lucky?” that was set to be at the aokay spot.

167* Opening reception: June 5, 2009  6-10pm 
* Show runs through: June 30, 2009
* MixMedia DJs and refreshments
* Artist will be in attendance!!

Im using a post to talk only about this show because even though it may seem like a small thing. what is happening at doom is a testament to the fact that they do believe in, and act on the “we need each other” idea. and i think its great. with gallerys closing, it only makes sense for the people of this city to work together. also the fact that the names ohno doom, and a-okay are just funny next to each other.  

stopping in last night to chat about an upcoming show. i got to see what all was going on. doom had an opening last weekend, so they were moving all that art to the back of the gallery. putting up Ma’s stuff. then after the show, they will do it all again. 

we got to quickly chat with Ma about food, bills, and his belief on what someone needs to do to make it in the art/gallery/design business. “you just got to jump”. something iv heard before, but its always nice to hear it from someone who’s jumped themselves. and landed on their feet. 

the show looks great, and there is red stripe. so go check it out tonight.



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