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r.i.p. solve, one year.

SOLVE Holding Sticker

one year ago this week, june 14th, was the night Brendan Scanlon a.k.a solve was murdered in the logan square area for no reason at all. he was 24 years old, and from what iv heard just about the nicest guy one could ever meet. hearing a few stories about him, and seeing the the response from the art community here in chicago has had a huge effect on me. so i just wanted to pay my respects to an artist who was taken WAY to early. and share with you some of the great things his friends and family have done for him in his memory. 


only a few days after his death. a memorial went up. 


there has been a LOT of work go up in the streets for him also. this is a very moving piece by tip-toe. it was put up in the alley where Brendan died. 


over the last year there have been many tribute shows to solve. here are some pics of work by his friends inspired by Brendan. 





formula werks have a shirt and help host the solve lives site.

Men Black

the solve across the world project is a wonderful thing. just send your address to them by email and they will send you some stickers. all they ask is that you put them up, maybe send a pic, and tell them where they went up. they have stickers all over the world so far. help them out. iv got mine at home waiting for a chance to put them up. 

there is also a flicker group. and a site of beautiful writing and other moving works. 


its obvious just by reading all of these things. that Brendan had a huge impact on those around him. people talk about his friendly and loving nature, his smile, and his laugh, a booming, happy laugh. one that i hope all who were close to him never forget.

i must say spending the last hour or so putting together this post has been very moving. Brendan was loved, and still is, and will be missed by many people. even by people who didnt know him. 

rest in paradise solve…



One thought on “r.i.p. solve, one year.

  1. Thanks very much for this moving piece about our beautiful Brendan, aka SOLVE.

    SOLVE’s proud but terribly sad dad.

    Posted by Bill Scanlon | June 21, 2009, 6:12 pm

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