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questions with thor.

             its been a while sense i posted an interview. so heres a good one. with Mr. thor……


 Mr. thor, is a family man, lives in a farmhouse, keeps chickens. and is also a graffiti/mural/installation artist. who’s busy life leaves little time for silly interviews. so, for that i must say thanks. getting up sense the 90’s, thor’s work is influenced a lot more by traditional graff work from early days of NY subways and 90’s San Fran, “in a kind of folk art sense”. his work is very recognizable, sometimes colorful. it tells a story other than just a name. enjoy…..




I have been aware of, and a fan of thor’s work for a wile now. After deciding to maybe ask him some questions. I checked out the web site. I looked around and found that on every page reload, a new bible verse would appear. This made me a little more curious. So i emailed him and asked about the interview and about the scripture. I thought b4 the interview i’d show you a little of his reply and thor’s spiritual side. 



“The scripture actually came with a random quote script I was going to ad

my own words to. Oops, I need to fix that…….

I believe what I believe and that’s what “I” believe.

You go ahead and believe what You believe and that’s what “You” believe.

We don’t have to agree, we don’t have to fight, we don’t have to convert

each other…….

1st John 4:20

“If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he

that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he

hath not seen?”

That’s a good philosophy………….”


Q. besides the long winter, hot summer, bad transit, highest sales tax

 anywhere, and a crazy mayor, why chicago?

A. I came to Chicago in 1990 to go to art school. I ended up getting into graffiti instead. I know a lot of people there, and people internationally that I met there.  It’s not too terribly far from where I really live, so that’s where most of my art stuff happens.  Lately, I’m really trying to branch out to some other cities. I feel like Chicago is a hard city to make it doing art. Need a broader base.





 Q. your name is from german mythology, or marvel comics. what is the

 significance, if any, of the name?


A.It’s my real first name. So it’s what I write. My Mom almost named me Thunder Circus, so that’s why that’s the .com. 

I wrote some other “graffiti” names in the past, but I’ve got a cool name, and I feel like I’ve grown into it for sure.

I’ve been pushing MR. THOR the last few years as my art name, to set me apart from the Mighty God of Thunder.




 Q. you do a lot of installation work along with graffiti. what were some

of the things that brought on the transition/ evolution of your work?

A. I’ve always been making stuff, it’s just gotten a lot bigger in scale over the last few years.


 Q. how did you get started doing what you do?

A. I’ve always been creative. I come from a creative family, art and culture is something I grew up in. I continue to seek it out and try to express myself.

I’ve never been very good with the math side of my brain, so I really need to take this to the next level and try to start making some money off it. It’s what I do. I don’t know.



 Q. what has been the biggest influence in your work?

A. Stuff in the world that’s happening, stuff that happens to me, stuff that happens around me.


On the graffiti tip I’m into these dudes work:

Twist, Os Gemeos, Reas, Espo

I would like their shit even if they didn’t do graffiti. They are artists who happen to also be graffiti artists.

I’m really super into these two guys from France: Remed and  3ttman.

This guy Blu who paints these giant monochromatic murals with a brush that cover whole buildings.

And danish artist Husk Mit Navn

 As far as other art and influences, I would have to do another interview just on that. I LOVE/HATE a lot of stuff.

I’ve been lucky to be exposed to all kinds of stuff, cultures, styles, music, food, trees, air, etc. I’ve gotten to experience a nice big slice of life here on Spaceship Earth.




Q. what do you do to get out of a creative slump?

A. I just try and get inspired. 

I hadn’t been very inspired up till the Martha Cooper show. I just had to make it happen. I had no energy getting that show together.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get it together.

It was the same with anything I did over the winter. I pulled it out of somewhere at the last moment.

I’ve been trying to use my art time to do some art business stuff.  But, now that stuff is starting to happen on that front, I’m not really as prepared as I’d like to be creatively.

I have big gaps of time where I’m not doing art ’cause of other things coming up in life.

I’ve got a wife and two little kids. We live on a few acres in the country with chickens and a big garden and lots of chores to do.

Art dousen’t realy make me much if any money, so I’ve got to do other things to make a buck.





Q. is there anything your working on right now?

A. You bet cha. 

I probably won’t be doing the instillation thing again for a while. 

Not until I can get some outside loot to do it at a higher level. 

It’s super labor intensive, it takes me away from home for to long.

I’ve gone as far as I can self financing it.

I think I made a big splash last summer in Chicago, and now I need to use that hype to actually try to turn this into a legitimate career path.

I’m going to ease back, and stay closer to home this summer. Do a lot of drawing and maybe come to the city and do some quickie murals with the team.

Right now I just want to try to do some smaller tighter graffic stuff that I can use for many purposes.

I’ve got the draw pad for the computer. I can trace my goofy sketches into Illustrator and make them tight as hell. 

I’ve been doing kind of sloppy haphazard for a while. I’m going to tighten’ it up for a bit.

I’m working on some graphics now for T-shirts and prints and stuff so I have some product that’s affordable.





Shout Out to the Crew – THC

2083 – The Hash Crew – Two Headed Coin



& to the UPSET posse for giving me a lot of support.




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