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A1one, getting up in tehran.

looking around and reading news about the situation in iran this morning, i came across a street artist in tehran, named A1one. All of the pics here were taken on the 18th. and just now BBC radio is talking about the use of tear gas, and more violence towards protesters in tehran. its a scary situation. i just wanted to show some pics from a street artist who is right there. 

A1onewhere is my vote?

A1one pen 1protestors of pen.

A1one penpen sticker amongst protestors. jun 18th. 

this last pic is sad, scary, unbelievable. it also prompted some comments from friends.


“you’re doing an incredibly important job, not only getting this out in Tehran, but photographing it and showing the world.”

“stay safe my friend. my brother. “

“great pic. My thoughts go out to you. I hope this situation gets the resolution you deserve and no one else gets hurt. ”


lets hope this can be resolved soon.



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