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sketches and robots.

so tomorrow night (july 30th) is the 1 year anniversary of atomic sketch. the line up is killer and the featured artist is John Ario. Along with lots of rad sketches, john makes sculptures out of found materiel. robots, lost of cool robots. so to help promote the event and John’s work. i thought id … Continue reading

get off of the streets, and into my car.

so i started working on this and…well. was not sure how to cover the show. it falls into this weird area of street art ethics. its an interesting story and a very, very cool collection. Peter Lemke, for years has collected street art from the street, right off of walls and polls. after living in … Continue reading

are you ready…

to crap your pants when you see this tonight? ill put pics up tomorrow. if you cant make it tonight, be sure you go by at some point to see it. this show is really, really cool.


C-Damage a Chicago artist transplanted to NYC. his style and character is well known here in the city. and the same thing is happening in NY. he has shared gallery space with all those names you’ve come to know from the big apple, swoon, elbow-toe, robots will kill, judith supine, gaia. so heres a little … Continue reading


“take these broken sounds and mend them into minor symphonies and this will be the soundtrack to our times in these busted surroundings and these vacant spaces will transform into telescopes through which we can see both the elsewhere and the anywhere.” knowhope is an artist from tel aviv, israel. he works a lot in … Continue reading

love the concept.

Evan Roth has put together this great site, to go along with the actual exhibit,of his graffiti writers font study. the site is great and even though its only a few letters. its a really cool study of street writers “typography”. its a fun spot to poke around for a few minutes.

cut it up.

recently i came across Patrick Gannon. he is an artist out of Tokyo. he works with cut paper, a long time art tradition that has its roots in china and japan. i happen to think his stuff is amazing. 

this dude named joey is on vimby.

local artist joey potts recently did an interview on vimby. check it. more about "this dude named joey is on vimby.", posted with vodpod

total coverage.

this video has shot across the interwebs over the past two days. showing up on most art/design/whatever blogs. so im just doing my part. its a good video. fun to watch. and after the last two days this band now has like 8 million new fans. enjoy. more about "total coverage.", posted with vodpod


happy 4th everyone. ill try to get back into the swing of things next week. but for now, bbq, drink beer, and blow s**t up. “explosions” by merrick brown.