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C-Damage a Chicago artist transplanted to NYC. his style and character is well known here in the city. and the same thing is happening in NY. he has shared gallery space with all those names you’ve come to know from the big apple, swoon, elbow-toe, robots will kill, judith supine, gaia. so heres a little QnA with c-damage.


1. how and where did you first get started/interested in
street art? 

I was always interested in art on the streets, for as long as I can remember. I used to love riding the trains in Chicago as a kid and seeing graf in the city. I tried my hand at spraypaint for several years coming up, but I spent more time on canvas with it than on the streets. In Chicago in 2004, I started playing with the idea of stickers. I started getting up with a few variations of my character, and eventually settled in on what you see today. 


2. with its rising popularity, what are your thoughts on
the uses, and impact, street art can have in the future?

For me, it’s not about the trend; it’s about self expression and urban beautification. I think street art has become a media outlet in and of itself – look at the latest Bruno wheatpaste ads that look like stencil graffiti. Look at all of the VH1 shows opening clips and their spray drip animation. I think street art has a huge audience and people will capitalize on that. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. 


3. how do you get out of a creative slump?

I work through my creative slumps. Pen to paper – that’s the way I get through. 


4. what are some of the differences you’ve noticed between
the chicago scene and NYC?

The Chicago scene is pure by comparison to the NYC scene. NYC is littered with ad stickers for clothing companies and video games. Everyone wants to get up in NYC – some of the news stands are like fights for real estate. Chicago’s scene has less stickers, and as an artist there, you have to work harder to stay up. Chicago’s buff is fierce. 

5. has working with all the great artists in NY had any
impact on your work?

The spirit of street art is collaborative. As a sticker artist, you put things up by people you respect, and people who respect you try to get up by your work. The streets create a dialog between artists, and between artist and audience. Collaborating with NYC artists in this way has helped motivate me.


6. have anything coming up you’d like to plug/and,or some
words for your chicago folk?

I love the Chicago scene and I’m always impressed to hear about the shows that people are putting on. Chicago has made a strong push and I think people in NYC definitely respect Chicago artists. 


Currently, I’m in the process of working on some performative painting pieces and a new series of installations. Anything else in the future, I’ll take it as it comes. Also, be sure to pick up Martha Cooper’s book, “Going Postal.”



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