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seeing that i change directions of this blog every once in a while. i thought id get everyone up to speed on what im working on right now. as you’ve noticed or been a part of, i do a lot of interviews, and other article type things. not just “hey look at this cool picture” stuff. and last week i decided i was going to start a project looking at what other cities are doing with their artistic talent. starting with seattle. for a few reasons. 

i am going to start dipping my ladle into a bunch of art soups(to use some cooking parlance). and am interested in seeing what other cities are doing to create a better and more effective art community. so in part this is me doing research. and i thought it would be fun to share what i found. im talking with some galleries. some artists, street, graff, and hopefully some contemporary. and so far im very excited about what im finding and who im talking to. 

so check it out. the next couple weeks will be very interesting. hopefully…..



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