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 Blu has done it again. this time with the help of David Ellis. this is a fantastic video. and the sound affects are great. i try to stay away from this sort of stuff just cause it has nothing to do with the city and you can find it anywhere at this point. but ill be … Continue reading

seattle part 2, artist 2. bald man watching.

From spray paint, to furniture, woodcuts, to stickers, window clings, to chalk. Its no doubt seattle’s bald man gets up. i asked him to tell us a little about himself. so here you go. he even sent me some sticks to put up here. so if you see them around…. I have always been an … Continue reading

the art of war

an interesting conversation was started on the flicker “chicago street art” pool last week about gang tags. and a guy chimed in on the conversation, his points were very well articulated, and intelligent. and i wanted to know more about why he dose what he dose. his flicker name is chicago cold war, and he photographs … Continue reading

seattle part 2, artist 1, Claudius Phaedrus

this first artist caught my attention right away. newspaper, paint, and some paste, and the result is beautiful. i asked claudius to send a little bio. and i got a nice little artist statement. sooooooo introducing, claudius phaerus.    “I have always been quite poor so I only use materials that I can easily pilfer, … Continue reading

seattle part 1. gallery 1, bluebottle art gallery

part art gallery, part D.I.Y. store. bluebottle responded to my email quickly and excitedly. so in order to not repeat stuff ill just get into it. i asked a couple quick questions and also asked for them to give me a short list of seattle artists they love. About: Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store is … Continue reading