seattle part 1. gallery 1, bluebottle art gallery


part art gallery, part D.I.Y. store. bluebottle responded to my email quickly and excitedly. so in order to not repeat stuff ill just get into it. i asked a couple quick questions and also asked for them to give me a short list of seattle artists they love.


Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store is an art gallery and boutique focusing on independent handmade art, craft and design. We are located in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, Washington. In business since 2002, it is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Andrea and Matthew Porter.

Bluebottle is headquarters for Matthew Porter’s infamous monkey world paintings and products. Matthew splits his time between working as a children’s book illustrator and writer and creating paintings and a product line for Bluebottle as well as other hip galleries and boutiques throughout the US.

In addition to Matthew’s artwork we showcase local and national talent in the art, craft and design DIY movement!

Our gallery section features monthly solo or group shows focusing on emerging artists who have a pop sensibility. We specialize in showcasing amazing and affordable artwork to a market that is just starting to collect work.

Our boutique section features items which are handmade and often one-of-a-kind, or produced as limited edition runs. We showcase work that is innovative and well-crafted. Our goal is to support a network of artists and provide an opportunity for customers to purchase pieces that are unique and exclusive!

How we got started:


We started out of a need to showcase Matthew’s work on a more regular basis. He had been showcasing his work in coffee shops and craft fairs but we found that people wanted a place where they could always find his work verse trying to remember to get to a coffeehouse one particular month or down to a fair which only takes place once a year. We really see Bluebottle as a stepping stone type of gallery for emerging artists. We don’t represent artists as is the case  with most galleries but we are more formal than say a coffeehouse or boutique. We wanted a place that felt comfortable for both artists and buyers. We didn’t want a space where people felt they needed to whisper and were scared to ask the price of a piece.

How we keep going:

We keep going through a tough economy because we know times are going to get better. We have worked really hard on focusing on our marketing avenues that are free to us and seem to be the trend anyway. Blogging, facebook, twitter. We are looking to really connect with customers. We want them to have the sense that they know us and want to support what we are doing at Bluebottle. We also hope that customers make connections with the artists we showcase. Our customers are folks who are understand how important is to our local community to support local and handmade. We feel we have found our niche of focusing on really high quality affordable DIY art, craft and design.

Matthew Porter –

Chris Crites –

Sara Lanzillotta –

Ken Taya –

Jessie Oleson –

check out all the artists listed and the bluebottle website. thanks to Andrea for filling me in and answering some questions.



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