seattle part 2, artist 1, Claudius Phaedrus


this first artist caught my attention right away. newspaper, paint, and some paste, and the result is beautiful. i asked claudius to send a little bio. and i got a nice little artist statement. sooooooo introducing, claudius phaerus


“I have always been quite poor so I only use materials that I can easily pilfer, or things that are free. 


When I was little me and my dad would always do projects involving paste and newspaper like making masks or model volcanoes and other weird things. He taught me how to make wheatpaste at home with flour and water.

 I started painting and drawing before I was in school. I got bored of regular painting pretty quick.


I hate galleries, they are so boring and dated, and all the good art is in the hands of private collectors anyway. So thats why putting art on the street is great. Everyone can see it. I still like having gallery shows sometimes though, because its fun to hang out with your friends and get drunk and be surrounded by cool art.


Sometimes I get letters from random people saying that they saw a piece of mine on the street and they totally didn’t expect it and it made their day much more interesting than they had previously anticipated. This helps to keep me going.


I paint people turning into plants and stuff because I wish that we actually were becoming closer to nature. I wish I could see buildings covered in vines and branches. I wish people would stop trying to bleach and vacuum nature away. I want to see wolves and foxes walk the streets again. I think pavement and cement is the worst thing ever invented. Its inevitably going to erode and crumble. We taxpayers are wasting millions to repeatedly facelift the hell out of our cities, its sick.”


-Claudius Phaedrus



One thought on “seattle part 2, artist 1, Claudius Phaedrus

  1. dooooode, badass work, nice artist statement! keep rockin’

    Posted by Hans Millions | September 10, 2009, 2:53 pm

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