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seattle part 2, artist 2. bald man watching.


From spray paint, to furniture, woodcuts, to stickers, window clings, to chalk. Its no doubt seattle’s bald man gets up. i asked him to tell us a little about himself. so here you go. he even sent me some sticks to put up here. so if you see them around….


I have always been an artist it’s probably the oldest thing i know besides eating breathing and of course sleeping. Graffiti came in to my life because of my father, he walked the streets and and forgotten areas of our world tagging Hindu scripts and other things. In the beginning of high school i started exploring bombing tagging stickering and anything i could find to get up with. Letters were my focus and i spread my names far and wide. After a few years i began to get tired of letters, after all i had always liked to draw the human face. One of my favorite graffiti artists was jaber kyt dtc, jaber had a character and it was this that inspired me to make up a character of my own that i could reproduce and proliferate. That was almost nine years ago now, and since then i have decided to take this character on as an image that i will reproduce for the rest of my life, i will let it change and evolve as it will, and in return i have a vehicle for exploration through artist process and the metamorphosis that will happen over my life.


I have a hard time staying with the same artistic process for very long. That is what fascinates me about deciding to make the bald man for the rest of my life. I have this character the bald man but the way i make the bald man can will and has changed in many different ways, and after seeing the changes that have happened over the last nine years i can only imagen what will change over the rest of my life. Apart from the bald man i am fully supported by art i spend all my time creating and for that i am extremely poor and happy.




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