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it’s been so long…


all in two weeks, i moved, started a new job, and started playing music again. i went from doing nothing to doing a lot. so iv not had a lot of time to work on stuff for the site. a couple more weeks and ill be back in it. promise. so here is some “filler”.


got a press release from artist Ruben Aguirre jr. for a new gallery opening up in pilsen this weekend. 

tbrg front and back small

“I want to inform you with great pleasure of the grand opening of The Beer Run Gallery this weekend in coordination of Pilsen Open Studios. Our mission is to exhibit the work of local lowbrow, urban, graffiti, and tattoo artists for your viewing pleasure. I hope to see most of your faces this weekend for some art and beer, and if not, please stay tuned for our future events. The Beer Run is both a collective studio space and gallery that houses tattoo artists Jimmy Virus, Dahveed, and Paul Nemchausky of Native Rituals Tattoo, Nuco of Studio One, designer and visual artist Jova, and mixed media artist Ruben Aguirre Jr.  The gallery space will officially open this weekend with its innaugural in combination with Pilsen Open studios. Located in the heart of Pilsen, the mission of this gallery is to spotlight emerging and established artists that come from tattooing, graffiti, and street art backgrounds

Oct. 17th &18th 12pm-8pm

The Beer Run Gallery
1104 w. 18th st., Chicago, IL”


friend tip-toe got picked up out in barcelona putting up his new piece “get a rhythm”. dont worry tho, they let him drink his beer the hour or so he was in lockdown. killen it tip.


the dudes at ohnodoom just finished a mural out in oak park at a cool new store called fly bird.

love it.



and to end todays random stuff post. if any of you computer savvvvy folks want to. i’d like to have a different banner for the homepage. it would be nice to change it once a month or so. and do a little thing about the artist who did it. so if you want to design, paint, spray, photograph, a banner for the pod collective. id love to use it. right now i use a pic my friend merrick brown took a while back. i love it. but want to change it up a bit.



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