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gonna spend the next couple days cooken some tasty treats….   see ya next week, interwebs. Advertisements

goons cleans it up.

thats right mayor daily, a street artist promoting a cleaner world, wrap your mind around that one. goons has been kill’en it recently. some new colabo work just went up with viking. and this….good job goons. more about "goons cleans it up. ", posted with vodpod

saro’s world record postal combo project.

i have been following saro’s postal project for about a year now. (and do plan on devoting my VERY little artistic ability to a sticker to contribute.) it takes a lot of work, time, stamps, time, to put together a collection of stickers that number in the 1000’s. and saro has put all of that … Continue reading


this has nothing to do with anything….but holy crap is it cool. it just makes me think that any original thought we could have has already been done. this video is from 1907!!! ill be posting something worth while real soon. thanks. more about "what?!?!?", posted with vodpod