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saro’s world record postal combo project.

i have been following saro’s postal project for about a year now. (and do plan on devoting my VERY little artistic ability to a sticker to contribute.) it takes a lot of work, time, stamps, time, to put together a collection of stickers that number in the 1000’s. and saro has put all of that and more into this project. and he’s still not there. recently i sat down with saro, in the internets. and found out more about the project.

you started the postal combo project over 2 years ago, what brought on the idea?

well i was puttin up sticker combos around Chicago and it was always fun. Then Me and Artillery started puttin up BIG combos. then i was like, shit, i wanna set some kind of standard. something big ya know? I wanted people to try and brag about a combo they put up to one of their friends and have their friend tell em ” uh, did you see this dude Saros world record combo?” haha i dunno. its all fun

you mention a few times in the forum about this project not being about one person, but the group as a whole. why is that so important to you?

a bunch o’ reasons really. the idea of 1000s of people coming together to set a record in an underdog catagory of art (Street art compared to graff) just gets me teary eyed. Its just crazy how well people can work together if they just tried. when you look at collectives versus solo things, collectives are so much better. its like a thousand different stories rolled up in one project for Chicagos viewing pleasure. haha

when you started did you have any idea you would still be working on it two years later?


FUCK NO! haha didnt think people (including myself) would drag ass so much. Ive had mad help from people world wide too which is awesome. I mean, if it takes me 3 years to do it so be it ya know? i cant rush it, cause the outcome is gonna be stellar.


what are your plans for all the work? a show? or will you just cover an entire empty store front? 

A: Well, im in the process off talking to the Oh No Doom guys about settin up a show there for the project. im still debating how im gonna go about this tho, do i show the actual stickers and no ‘in the process of being put up’ pictures ORRRRR do i only show medium format pictures of the stickers, envelopes, sequence shots of them being installed and other awesome pictures. im leaning towards the later.

and i hear speak of a book also?

Yeah i deff want to put out a book. i mean something ive worked on for damn near 3 years deserves to be published haha especially since its a vision of mine of having everyone come together and all that. the book wont be over the top super high budget extra glossy book but itll be a good quality book worth the price.

how great of a recourse has flicker been? 

Flickr has been responsible for about 95% of my sticker entries. so yea, im pretty stoaked about that. flickr is a great network of willing people.

how much time is left in the project? and how can people contribute if they want?

I put a rough deadline of the end of this winter and ill narrow it down as the last stickers come in. if theres people out there reading this that wanna throw down in the worlds largest themed sticker combo and have their art work memorialized in a book then they can either or email me at (prepare for a small grilling and 20 questions due to the illegality of the project) or wait for the website coming



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