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stuff i liked from 09′

this is just some stuff i really liked this last year. and found interesting and what not. if you come to the site often you will recognize a lot of it. this is just a super-rad-awesome recap of some of 09′.¬† starting with my fav some shows this year. keep in mind i missed meeting … Continue reading

holiday shopping. keep it local, and art-y.

dont know what to buy that special someone, random cousin, or picky brother, this season? dont want to end up in target at 9pm on christmas eve? or buying dad another tie? well here are a few great places to buy art, shirts, books, plush toys, ect, from some ¬†chicago artists. -the orange alert blog … Continue reading

birthdays…and such.

Not only is it local yokel Shawn Smith’s(creator of shawnimals) birthday today. happy bday dude. *nothing art related beyond this point. But it is also my cousin Amber’s birthday. And this year its a much happier one. A year ago this week the symptoms started for what would soon be found as ovarian cancer. Ill … Continue reading

winters coming….here.

A. Lewellen. a chicago fav. love it. and boy am i not looking forward to riding this winter.

YAAF book release.

¬† friend and contributor to the torn pages show, Lindsey Markel released her book today. im not much for being serious. but seriously, lindsey’s writing, and ideas, have more honesty and love in them than most of us could ever hope . the book is called “YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS: advice for the little sisters … Continue reading