birthdays…and such.

Not only is it local yokel Shawn Smith’s(creator of shawnimals) birthday today. happy bday dude.

*nothing art related beyond this point.

But it is also my cousin Amber’s birthday. And this year its a much happier one. A year ago this week the symptoms started for what would soon be found as ovarian cancer. Ill spare the details, and story here. So its been a long year for her. But she is strong, really strong. And i am extremely proud. Also happy to be able to say she is cancer free, and i will see her on xmas. hugs all around.

If you or someone you know is going through or has gone through this. I would like to steer you towards Ambers blog. awesomely named bald heads are sexy, its informative, funny at times, and also sad, but always full of hope.

happy birthday Amber.



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