holiday shopping. keep it local, and art-y.

dont know what to buy that special someone, random cousin, or picky brother, this season? dont want to end up in target at 9pm on christmas eve? or buying dad another tie? well here are a few great places to buy art, shirts, books, plush toys, ect, from some  chicago artists.

-the orange alert blog and press, has a holiday sale going on.  some great writers included.

-as mentioned early in the week. lindsey markel‘s book you are among friends is a perfect buy for any lady.

-of course the massive amount of fun, silly, cute stuff shawnimals has for sale are always  good stocking stuffers.

-artist cody hudson, has teamed up with an artsy online thing to bring great big wall decals that look just great.

three hearts club have some really rad t-shirts for sale.

-the dudes at ohnodoom have plush, shirts, and arts all for sale.

-the post family folks have some really great prints and stuff available for sale.

featherproof books just plain rules. get a book or two.

black market caviar is a new print shop right next door to rotofugi. go to both places for some great xmas suff.

happy shopping….



One thought on “holiday shopping. keep it local, and art-y.

  1. etsy is another great way to shop local even though you’re surfing the world wide web – search for vendors in your location & BAM. handmade holiday express.

    Posted by jaime | December 21, 2009, 11:53 pm

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