stuff i liked from 09′

this is just some stuff i really liked this last year. and found interesting and what not. if you come to the site often you will recognize a lot of it. this is just a super-rad-awesome recap of some of 09′. 

starting with my fav some shows this year. keep in mind i missed meeting of styles. so…..ya.

curated by shwanamals at new wave. bits and pieces…blutt, shwanimal, unicorn, revise, and the grocer.

no offense to anyone but the collab blutt/shanimals stuff stole the show here. silly, creative, and well done.


jason brammer at the star lounge. time machines. remember this name people. 


next is two shows from ohno doom. first off. tetralogy, and then trophy. both amazing shows

tetralogy was a colab piece by emily cunningham, joey d, unicorn, and francis kmiecik. this show was epic. epic. 

and lana crooks’ show trophy was a breath of fresh air. some really cool mounted plush. 


ok, on to to other stuff. 

best street campaign of 09. this is a tough one. 

but coming in at number two. the run blago run, campaign. god bless you blow-go. it was everywhere and amazing. 


and number one…who the hell do you think?!?!?!? goons and viking. with the blues series. there are like 50 pieces some funny, sad, really funny. all very impressive. 


and now, the two best new artists defacing our beautiful city in 09

first off is “dont fret”


and next is snacki. dude is getten up everywhere..


and sense im doing all this last minute. hows about one more section. creepily called man-crushes of 09′

the entire THC crew. i love everything that comes from this here group. 


ok so this is a kind of lame best of list but im low on energy and only had about an hour to do it. ill step up my game in 10.


ciao for now



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