rural benching, and a bit of history.

here is a post i wrote this summer. i finally got around to finishing it. just a little about me and why im here, doing what im doing. 

today i realized that i have not given any back history of why im so interested in art and especially street art and graffiti. some things you want to do for a living end up becoming a hobby, for a long time i was to be a photographer. i took a few classes and even had my own darkroom. i miss the darkroom. but that was not my role in life. one of my favorite subjects to photograph were trains. my home town(currently 1,300 people) was actually moved around 1902-ish about 3 miles south of its original spot to be around train tracks, for farming purposes. while in high school, i realized that every thursday new trains would roll into town and “park” there for a week. and almost all of the trains would have writing on them. and let me tell you, most of this writing was beautiful. i was hooked. this art would come to me every week, all of my friends thought it was “lame”, but to me, it was amazing. every thursday there i was, out at the grain elevators taking pictures. i looked forward to it. me, my headphones, a portable CD player pumping out the best of 90’s punk, and my  camera. after that i spent a lot of time playing music, and this obsession fell to the wayside. i moved up to chi and BAM!!!! “this shit is everywhere!!!” i was so happy. then i started getting into street art and all that goes with it. and here i am today. i was home this summer and looked for these old pictures i took a lifetime ago, but could not find them. so i walked out to the old grain elevators, face to face on the ipod, and my digital camera. and even though it’s not the the best writing in the world. the experience felt really good. i missed it. and i wanted to share a few the pics with you.

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