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“city zoo” solo show, and some answers from czr prz.

friday night oct 29 at jugrnaut (427 south dearborn). czr prz will have his first solo show. and at the last minute i got a hold of him and asked a couple questions. so make sure to check out the show friday night and enjoy. POD: as a writer, what’s different in your thought process, … Continue reading

what happens when people actually start paying attention?

warning: tuesday oct, 19th. the TED conference announced the winner of their yearly award/grant of 100,000$. past winners include president clinton, jaime oliver, achem!….bono…. but for the 2011 year. the winner is parisian photographer and street artist JR. who’s large scale photo paste ups have caught the attention of, well, everyone really. and won him … Continue reading

im a lazy/busy dude…….sorry.

so many great things have happened sense may. thats right, its been 5 months sense i posted anything. i apologize to anyone and everyone ¬†who comes back on the regs hoping i put something up. iv been distracted, but last night got to hang out with mr. brooks golden. and it was just what i … Continue reading