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“city zoo” solo show, and some answers from czr prz.

friday night oct 29 at jugrnaut (427 south dearborn). czr prz will have his first solo show. and at the last minute i got a hold of him and asked a couple questions. so make sure to check out the show friday night and enjoy.

POD: as a writer, what’s different in your thought process, and work process, when planning work to be shown indoors?

CZR PRZ: To me, graffiti, street art and Art are all different things, when I paint graff its simply based on getting up, although I try to evoke some technique and style when I do it, I simply do it to put up my crew. its more of a community thing for me when it comes to graff. For 1, I have a graff name, and that stays in the graff scene. in Art, I am me, Czr Prz. The street art I do is more for promotion of my work, kinda of like a signature, and I don’t have to follow the rules of traditional graffiti yet still have to deal with the same issues when it comes to dealing with illegal art. My art however is a longer process, I stay and take my time and try to make the most out of what I can with whats available. I take graff as more of a hobby and art as my lifes work

POD: where did the name “city zoo” come from, besides maybe the obvious answer most chicagoans could give?

CZR: I came up with City Zoo based off a painting I did about 4 years ago for Hello My Name Is Chicago group show. It was called “Dirty Birds” and I wanted to do a series of paintings like that one and finally decided to do so. The premise of the show regards the obvious segregation in the city, like a zoo, where animals are kept in certain areas to maintain a controlled enviorment, especially for the lower class.

POD: and kind of a non question. Mayor Daley is out. reason to party? or just business as usual?

CZR: I’m holding off on the partying until I see some actual changes. I’ve always been in the grey with mayor daley (the darker side, but still gray) we can easily get someone far worst then Daley, so I’m gonna go with business as usual.

thanks czr! we’ll see more from czr in the future. be ready.


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