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Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull?

my friend jason has recently been stepping out of his normal amazing gallery work. and has ┬átossed a couple things up in public. he is crazy good. and im just excited to see his work in the places i like most. dumpsters and garage doors. and its cool to see him up next to a … Continue reading

do you want more?!!!??!

ok im back from birthday nonsense(laudy-daudy who likes to party?). but still not working on full mental power. so just a quick post, inspired by two chi writers who have recently blown my mind. amuse and morgan. the two below pics represent where i think, and hope some graff is heading. a new style using … Continue reading


no matter what your beliefs are, or your thoughts are on whatever, teaparythealthcareblablabla…. you cant complain if you dont chose to be a part of things. we are in the middle of some crazy times in this country. and the decisions made tomorrow are more, or just as important as choosing a president. chose wisely, … Continue reading