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do you want more?!!!??!

ok im back from birthday nonsense(laudy-daudy who likes to party?). but still not working on full mental power.

so just a quick post, inspired by two chi writers who have recently blown my mind.

amuse and morgan.

the two below pics represent where i think, and hope some graff is heading. a new style using negative space, and a little more influenced by graphic design. when looking at this you need to use your imagination more. its not just an outline and filler. these two pieces work outside the regular parameters of writing, even wild style. its a new thing.

amuse(above) used the background for this piece as the focal point. and to shape the actual letters, they used real simple line work.  they tell you only what you need to know. those up and down drips in red, black and even inside the red, brilliant. the use of what is normally extra flair in a piece is now the defining character of the piece. the use of color is so well planned that if you took just one away you would lose the piece. well done!

morgan here, just goes crazy. using the same idea as amuse but in the opposite way. boy that makes no sense? ha! the letters are filled in, but free of outlines, and just so clean. the repeating shapes are the defining beauty of this piece. the A especially, it is simply 4 triangles, surrounded by more triangles. color explosion, squiggly lines, blowouts, and punctuation like shapes round out this piece. and make it one of the most interesting iv seen in months.

so amuse, morgan, keep it up. this is all just so dope. and to answer my own question. yes, i want more. and i hope all of you do too.

thanks to it’s tea. for the use of the pics!




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