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best of chicago. 2010.

this is going to be kinda big so bare with me. this last season was pretty good as far as public art. a lot of people worked very hard on this stuff that you get to see for free. so they need their propers. here they are. first off. this is not really artist specific. … Continue reading

year end favorites-international edition.

ill put up my chicago’s year-in-awesome-stuff list with pics very soon. i just wanted to post some pics of my favorite artists working internationally. you will most likely recognize most of them. and thats ok, they are amazing, pushing boundary’s, and ides forward, in unbelievable ways. so ya. enjoy. BUFFdiss-yes, thats tape. not paint. aryz … Continue reading

merry xmas

ill be back after the new year, with some cool stuff. happy holidays. dont be scared. merry xmas, posted with vodpod  


check this guy mobstr’s photos on flicker. this set is funny.


love this. snacks!, posted with vodpod  

left coast letters.

left coast letters is something you should check out. they cover lots of great stuff all over the west coast. mostly pics. but wow. great stuff. makes me wish it was not 20 degrease for 8 months straight here in chi. and other reasons. cause we could use more stuff like this in the city. … Continue reading