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left coast letters.

left coast letters is something you should check out. they cover lots of great stuff all over the west coast. mostly pics. but wow. great stuff. makes me wish it was not 20 degrease for 8 months straight here in chi. and other reasons. cause we could use more stuff like this in the city.

anywhey. here is the info on the site. check it out often. they update a lot more than i do. ha!


“Left Coast Letters is a West Coast street art blog written by two students who first became interested in the medium after seeing numerous stickers throughout the world. The majority of our photographs are of stickers/wheat-pastes/graffiti in Seattle, Los Angeles, and other cities throughout the West Coast, but we have also photographed street art and graffiti in Boston, Miami and Spain. Besides street art, we’ll occasionally include music in our posts, but the overall focus is on street art. You can find a collection of our photographs at our flicker Page.”

here is some stuff i grabbed off their flicker. this mural is sooooooooo rad.



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