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best of chicago. 2010.

this is going to be kinda big so bare with me. this last season was pretty good as far as public art. a lot of people worked very hard on this stuff that you get to see for free. so they need their propers. here they are.

first off. this is not really artist specific. but rather, some folks who did some innovative, fun stuff.

sixty inches from center, launched a really great website, with info on most the art youd like to see outside of gallery’s in the loop. and they had a really rad show with Brooks Golden, Blutt, Hebru Brantley, Jesus Sanchez, Joevanny Duran, Klepto, Magda Sayeg, The Stockyard Institute, and Zoe McCloskey. thats a cool lineup.

-next up is the hot box. oh boy this is such a good idea guys! im so happy its happening. the first season included: veggiesomething, otis/tbco, revise cmw, and the corner store(swiv, the grocer, nice-one, and joey d). i cant wait to see whats next.

ghetto p’s grime time zines and prints killed it to.

-and i must mention all the cool stuff johalla projects did with local aldermen, and artists. to start actually incorporating some legal murals in the wicker/logan areas.

on to my favorites from the streets.

my favorite chicago writers this past year.




but my absolute fave killen writer of 2010

amuse, this dude busted out some crazy talent all over the place.

to keep the pics light, ill also mention, honorably if you will. morgan, facts, noteef, solo rm, melon. and our thoughts go out to zeb and big L, be careful everybody!

and on to chicago centric pieces that i loved this year.

i believe popsicle is the going name for this sticker artist.

swiv(luckily avoiding residency issues, tossed his hat in)

and nick adam, funny stuff.


my favorite newcomer to 2010, nautilus.

wheatpaste favs.

dont fret was great this year.

and again, swiv was all over. and big too.


and holy $*@% deserving a category all their own this year.

in the supper bad ass of the year award…..nice-one. no one did it better in 2010.


best boards.

artillery had some great stuff.

and saro always brings it. also check out this great interview he did with emen. and the pics are rad too!

and man. cls is crazy good. this wood installation stuff is amazing.

the sticker peps i followed and liked.

poor kid.

blutt(this is prob my fave out of the three stickers he did this year)

and former chicagoan, moved out west. Ms. elmar

and in the come back and visit more you jerk, category. tip-toe.


and last but, really just last category. is, the piece we all kind of cared about but not really because it felt more like charity than recognition, plus, kudos on the untouchables reference…….award, goes to….no one. but here is a picture of the chi banksy piece.

ok see you in 2011!!!!



3 thoughts on “best of chicago. 2010.

  1. really hope to see more of your writing in 2011. way better than that idiot at chicago art magazine’s “monthly street art top 10”.

    Posted by jeremy | January 5, 2011, 8:11 pm
  2. I got the Untouchables reference after my boyfriend brought it up.

    Posted by Nicolette Michele Caldwell | January 10, 2011, 11:01 pm
  3. Thank you Josh for mentioning our site! In case you tried to view it recently, it will be back up tomorrow. Switching servers = not a fun time. I also am looking forward to your writing this year!

    Posted by Nicolette Caldwell | January 10, 2011, 11:04 pm

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