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on friday may 13th, at the chicago urban art society  is the opening of the chicago street art show and book release. and its going to be the very definition of a barn burner. here is some info. and more after the jump below the image.

seriously, look at that line up! and from what i hear there are more people involved than the ones listed. and also from what i hear there is one listed not involved any longer. but thats neither here nor there. for this post at least. im not gonna post a lot of the pics im looken at because you should go to the CUAS website and check them out yourself, as well as the other content  they have on the site. its an awesome place.

dont quote me on this, but i believe this will be the most comprehensive showing of street art work in chicago ever, ever. joining the ranks of the O.G. talent such as chris silva, david questa, and thor goodlife, will be a some of the last couple years emerging artists like dont fret, and poor kid. the instillations are going to be killer. one of my favorite artists from the last couple months has been mental 312, and im sure he will melt some faces. along with some “you are beautiful” work, and just a crazy huge amount of photographs from the like of emen and oscar arriola, some personal collection pieces of solve’s work, plus others.

also, the same night! will see the release of the chicago street art book.

i was lucky enough to get my paws on a advance copy. so i could look it over, soak it in and tell you all about it, and how, if nothing else, you need to pick it up. taking a look back as far as 2002ish and all the way forward to a couple pieces that are only a few months old. the book covers pretty much all the artists from the last 10 or so years of the street art movement in chicago. with over 200 color pictures, 6 essays by joseph depre(the man behind the book/show), and some words from others as well. depre’s writing helps the reader to understand some of the ideas and beliefs of the movement. from the buff, to the nature of ephemeral art. its a good read. and a must have for all you flicker folks who also like to hold stuff in your hands.

so i look forward to this weekend. what better way to start off the summer than a big show of all this great work, and friends and stuff all in one place. i hope people will be able to step back, outside themselves even. and see the talent, time, and energy people put into this scene. and realize we dont have to sit around complaining about the costal cities lack of interest in chicago, because we have all we need right here.



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