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new face in town.

this face is zektar. just the few things on the flicker page look awesome. a style we have not really seen here in town yet. really love the work here. keep your eyes out for more from zektar. i know i will. Advertisements


friend of the pod collective, and former chi resident, goons has been upping some game recently, posting pics, and adding stuff to their online store. including some stickers. and some pretty cool goons heads ranging in price from 1$ to 30$. now thats a deal! so swing by and get some goons swag.

Gabriel SPECTER at pawn works.

don’t party to hard at the chicago street art show friday. cause saturday night pawn works will be hosting brooklyn based artist Gabriel SPECTER. his process sounds really interesting. im really happy pawn works is brining in all the N.Y. talent. but we will expand on all that later. opening reception  saturday may 14th 6-10pm … Continue reading


on friday may 13th, at the chicago urban art society  is the opening of the chicago street art show and book release. and its going to be the very definition of a barn burner. here is some info. and more after the jump below the image.

“a sacred moment” R.I.P Keith Haring

21 years ago today keith haring passed away from AIDS related complications. im not gonna say much. just post some pics, and quotes from interviews. if you feel like it check out his website. and look into the keith haring foundation. he was a awesome guy. and deserves some recognition today.   “These kids, who were … Continue reading

Questions with Ray Noland, Mr. CRO.

Ray Noland has been busy keeping us thinking, chuckling, and questioning, and he’s not going to stop. With shows like “go tell mama!” a touring show of Obama oriented work, “sweet tea and american values”, “run blago run” and most recent “pork and politics”. Rays’ work is a perfect example of the role of art … Continue reading

year end favorites-international edition.

ill put up my chicago’s year-in-awesome-stuff list with pics very soon. i just wanted to post some pics of my favorite artists working internationally. you will most likely recognize most of them. and thats ok, they are amazing, pushing boundary’s, and ides forward, in unbelievable ways. so ya. enjoy. BUFFdiss-yes, thats tape. not paint. aryz … Continue reading


check this guy mobstr’s photos on flicker. this set is funny.

left coast letters.

left coast letters is something you should check out. they cover lots of great stuff all over the west coast. mostly pics. but wow. great stuff. makes me wish it was not 20 degrease for 8 months straight here in chi. and other reasons. cause we could use more stuff like this in the city. … Continue reading

what happens when people actually start paying attention?

warning: tuesday oct, 19th. the TED conference announced the winner of their yearly award/grant of 100,000$. past winners include president clinton, jaime oliver, achem!….bono…. but for the 2011 year. the winner is parisian photographer and street artist JR. who’s large scale photo paste ups have caught the attention of, well, everyone really. and won him … Continue reading