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new face in town.

this face is zektar. just the few things on the flicker page look awesome. a style we have not really seen here in town yet. really love the work here. keep your eyes out for more from zektar. i know i will. Advertisements


friend of the pod collective, and former chi resident, goons has been upping some game recently, posting pics, and adding stuff to their online store. including some stickers. and some pretty cool goons heads ranging in price from 1$ to 30$. now thats a deal! so swing by and get some goons swag.


on friday may 13th, at the chicago urban art society  is the opening of the chicago street art show and book release. and its going to be the very definition of a barn burner. here is some info. and more after the jump below the image.

show time!

spring is in the air….then gone again. but thats enough to get me excited. this coming week will bring to great shows, the openings happening at the same time on the same night. both need to be seen. im ready for warm weather, art, and…more art. first. rejoice, one of the first street artists i … Continue reading

Questions with Ray Noland, Mr. CRO.

Ray Noland has been busy keeping us thinking, chuckling, and questioning, and he’s not going to stop. With shows like “go tell mama!” a touring show of Obama oriented work, “sweet tea and american values”, “run blago run” and most recent “pork and politics”. Rays’ work is a perfect example of the role of art … Continue reading

best of chicago. 2010.

this is going to be kinda big so bare with me. this last season was pretty good as far as public art. a lot of people worked very hard on this stuff that you get to see for free. so they need their propers. here they are. first off. this is not really artist specific. … Continue reading


love this. snacks!, posted with vodpod  

Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull?

my friend jason has recently been stepping out of his normal amazing gallery work. and has  tossed a couple things up in public. he is crazy good. and im just excited to see his work in the places i like most. dumpsters and garage doors. and its cool to see him up next to a … Continue reading

do you want more?!!!??!

ok im back from birthday nonsense(laudy-daudy who likes to party?). but still not working on full mental power. so just a quick post, inspired by two chi writers who have recently blown my mind. amuse and morgan. the two below pics represent where i think, and hope some graff is heading. a new style using … Continue reading

“city zoo” solo show, and some answers from czr prz.

friday night oct 29 at jugrnaut (427 south dearborn). czr prz will have his first solo show. and at the last minute i got a hold of him and asked a couple questions. so make sure to check out the show friday night and enjoy. POD: as a writer, what’s different in your thought process, … Continue reading