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Questions with Ray Noland, Mr. CRO.

Ray Noland has been busy keeping us thinking, chuckling, and questioning, and he’s not going to stop. With shows like “go tell mama!” a touring show of Obama oriented work, “sweet tea and american values”, “run blago run” and most recent “pork and politics”. Rays’ work is a perfect example of the role of art … Continue reading

“city zoo” solo show, and some answers from czr prz.

friday night oct 29 at jugrnaut (427 south dearborn). czr prz will have his first solo show. and at the last minute i got a hold of him and asked a couple questions. so make sure to check out the show friday night and enjoy. POD: as a writer, what’s different in your thought process, … Continue reading


ok im back. to start a summer of better posts and cool stuff. here is an interview i did with friend tip-toe. about europe, wolves, and tom waits. here it is. enjoy. it looks like you stayed busy in europe. how was it? Traveling is always fun and eye opening.  New places, new friends, new rules and new lessons to … Continue reading


welcome to 2010acious. i wanted to start the year off with someone who spends all year round photographing graffiti. with thousands of photos, and probably one of the most comprehensive collections of graff pics in chicago. he also contributes to upset magazine. going by the name EMENFUCKOS on the internets, he kindly agreed to answer some … Continue reading

seattle part 1. gallery 1, bluebottle art gallery

part art gallery, part D.I.Y. store. bluebottle responded to my email quickly and excitedly. so in order to not repeat stuff ill just get into it. i asked a couple quick questions and also asked for them to give me a short list of seattle artists they love. About: Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store is … Continue reading

sketches and robots.

so tomorrow night (july 30th) is the 1 year anniversary of atomic sketch. the line up is killer and the featured artist is John Ario. Along with lots of rad sketches, john makes sculptures out of found materiel. robots, lost of cool robots. so to help promote the event and John’s work. i thought id … Continue reading


C-Damage a Chicago artist transplanted to NYC. his style and character is well known here in the city. and the same thing is happening in NY. he has shared gallery space with all those names you’ve come to know from the big apple, swoon, elbow-toe, robots will kill, judith supine, gaia. so heres a little … Continue reading

questions with thor.

             its been a while sense i posted an interview. so heres a good one. with Mr. thor……  Mr. thor, is a family man, lives in a farmhouse, keeps chickens. and is also a graffiti/mural/installation artist. who’s busy life leaves little time for silly interviews. so, for that i must … Continue reading


so as promised. some questions with bonus. 

It’s yours take it!

    the brain child of one bonus. its yours take it is a free art event for the people, by artists. with events happening all over the country, and world. its becoming a great thing for the d.i.y arts community. and its a great way for people who don’t normally seek out art, to … Continue reading