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“Your heart is your greatest possession, don’t let it get taken from you.”

Espo (Steven Powers) is a well known New York graffiti artist. here are his “rules of graffiti” i found it an interesting read, so i thought id share. love his work too. “You suck until further notice. It’s gonna take a long time before we even acknowledge your existence, even longer before we can bear … Continue reading

street views

John Rafman wrote this great article about artistic applications for google’s street view option. talking about its organic way of capturing some very personal images, and amazing landscape photos. all still containing the little arrows at the top corner. collections of beautiful images, that as far as im concerned were all a mistake. the people … Continue reading

cut it up.

recently i came across Patrick Gannon. he is an artist out of Tokyo. he works with cut paper, a long time art tradition that has its roots in china and japan. i happen to think his stuff is amazing. 

“On Saturday, June 6th in Chicago, local artists partnered with the Tamms Year Tencoalition to protest state-sanctioned torture at the supermax prison in Southern Illinois. And they did it with mud. Jesse Graves, a Milwaukee artist, developed the technique and on Saturday more than 30 volunteers stenciled the message “End Torture in Illinois” on walls and … Continue reading

who doesn’t like free stuff?

the new modern wing.  beautiful architecture, some nice art, some stuff they moved from the main building, and 3 floors of maze. but sadly i cannot properly say anything about the place because it was the last day of a week of free admission. and you know what free means. EVERYONE goes, even people who … Continue reading


first, a new mural from Herbert Baglione. -yesterday wooster (marc and sarah), representing all of us went to the white house to meet with the higher-ups along with about 60 other grassroots arts organizations to talk about arts and public spaces. just click the link to read what marc has to say about it. i happen … Continue reading