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Gabriel SPECTER at pawn works.

don’t party to hard at the chicago street art show friday. cause saturday night pawn works will be hosting brooklyn based artist Gabriel SPECTER. his process sounds really interesting. im really happy pawn works is brining in all the N.Y. talent. but we will expand on all that later. opening reception  saturday may 14th 6-10pm … Continue reading


on friday may 13th, at the chicago urban art society  is the opening of the chicago street art show and book release. and its going to be the very definition of a barn burner. here is some info. and more after the jump below the image.

show time!

spring is in the air….then gone again. but thats enough to get me excited. this coming week will bring to great shows, the openings happening at the same time on the same night. both need to be seen. im ready for warm weather, art, and…more art. first. rejoice, one of the first street artists i … Continue reading

“city zoo” solo show, and some answers from czr prz.

friday night oct 29 at jugrnaut (427 south dearborn). czr prz will have his first solo show. and at the last minute i got a hold of him and asked a couple questions. so make sure to check out the show friday night and enjoy. POD: as a writer, what’s different in your thought process, … Continue reading

it’s been so long…

  all in two weeks, i moved, started a new job, and started playing music again. i went from doing nothing to doing a lot. so iv not had a lot of time to work on stuff for the site. a couple more weeks and ill be back in it. promise. so here is some … Continue reading

show tomorrow.

i dont have a lot of info on this. but chicago artist and early pod interview subject solo rm sent me this flyer. the show is tomorrow. check it. 

sketches and robots.

so tomorrow night (july 30th) is the 1 year anniversary of atomic sketch. the line up is killer and the featured artist is John Ario. Along with lots of rad sketches, john makes sculptures out of found materiel. robots, lost of cool robots. so to help promote the event and John’s work. i thought id … Continue reading

get off of the streets, and into my car.

so i started working on this and…well. was not sure how to cover the show. it falls into this weird area of street art ethics. its an interesting story and a very, very cool collection. Peter Lemke, for years has collected street art from the street, right off of walls and polls. after living in … Continue reading

are you ready…

to crap your pants when you see this tonight? ill put pics up tomorrow. if you cant make it tonight, be sure you go by at some point to see it. this show is really, really cool.

this weekend.

two things i will actually have the energy to go to now that im funemployed.  tonight @ ohno doom.  “monsters, mayhem, and DOOM!” works by jason chalker.  6-10pm 2955 West Lyndale St. Chicago, IL   and most of the day tomorrow. at the hideout. the dollar store show’s summer tour bbq kickoff…sendoff…readoff…thing. a lot of … Continue reading