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ROA in chicago.

updated, may 26th. so really ummmm. what can i say. this has got to be one of the biggest street art oriented pieces in the city ever. by a well known artist nonetheless. so im excited. the dudes over at pawn works are busy. busy doing awesome things. the latest in awesomeness would be bringing belgium … Continue reading


on friday may 13th, at the chicago urban art society  is the opening of the chicago street art show and book release. and its going to be the very definition of a barn burner. here is some info. and more after the jump below the image.

left coast letters.

left coast letters is something you should check out. they cover lots of great stuff all over the west coast. mostly pics. but wow. great stuff. makes me wish it was not 20 degrease for 8 months straight here in chi. and other reasons. cause we could use more stuff like this in the city. … Continue reading

im a lazy/busy dude…….sorry.

so many great things have happened sense may. thats right, its been 5 months sense i posted anything. i apologize to anyone and everyone  who comes back on the regs hoping i put something up. iv been distracted, but last night got to hang out with mr. brooks golden. and it was just what i … Continue reading

saro’s world record postal combo project.

i have been following saro’s postal project for about a year now. (and do plan on devoting my VERY little artistic ability to a sticker to contribute.) it takes a lot of work, time, stamps, time, to put together a collection of stickers that number in the 1000’s. and saro has put all of that … Continue reading

love the concept.

Evan Roth has put together this great site, to go along with the actual exhibit,of his graffiti writers font study. the site is great and even though its only a few letters. its a really cool study of street writers “typography”. its a fun spot to poke around for a few minutes.

It’s yours take it!

    the brain child of one bonus. its yours take it is a free art event for the people, by artists. with events happening all over the country, and world. its becoming a great thing for the d.i.y arts community. and its a great way for people who don’t normally seek out art, to … Continue reading

getting around to it.

a lot of stuff planned for this next two weeks. an interview with solo, some work from ryan p young. and all next week ill be posting preview pics, and some info on jason brammer for his upcoming show @ the star lounge coffee shop. it’ll be a great show. so stay tuned. but for … Continue reading

keeping count…

just in case your not up to date on Saros “The World Record Postal Combo Project”. Saro is up to 611 postal stickers. he is looking for over 1,000 for the record. thats a lot by the way.  “bringing together all street artists from around the globe to show diversity, artistic vision, and coming together to … Continue reading