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ROA in chicago.

updated, may 26th. so really ummmm. what can i say. this has got to be one of the biggest street art oriented pieces in the city ever. by a well known artist nonetheless. so im excited. the dudes over at pawn works are busy. busy doing awesome things. the latest in awesomeness would be bringing belgium … Continue reading

year end favorites-international edition.

ill put up my chicago’s year-in-awesome-stuff list with pics very soon. i just wanted to post some pics of my favorite artists working internationally. you will most likely recognize most of them. and thats ok, they are amazing, pushing boundary’s, and ides forward, in unbelievable ways. so ya. enjoy. BUFFdiss-yes, thats tape. not paint. aryz … Continue reading


check this guy mobstr’s photos on flicker. this set is funny.

what happens when people actually start paying attention?

warning: tuesday oct, 19th. the TED conference announced the winner of their yearly award/grant of 100,000$. past winners include president clinton, jaime oliver, achem!….bono…. but for the 2011 year. the winner is parisian photographer and street artist JR. who’s large scale photo paste ups have caught the attention of, well, everyone really. and won him … Continue reading